Even in the olden times, cheating has been prevalent. There have been famous people who have had histories of infidelity committed in their lifetime. At present, there have been a lot of discourse about cheating and some telltale signs that your partner is committing infidelity.

Signs of cheating made popular by various media

Foremost is a sudden change in their behavior toward the mundane things. When your partner suddenly becomes secretive when it comes to whoever it is they are talking with on the phone. Sure, this allegation could be shallow. But when your partner has never been one to hide or walk away to take calls or answer messages and suddenly, they are, you may wonder why. If it’s a one-time situation, you could easily brush it off. But when it becomes a pattern, it may be something else.

When they suddenly become too busy at work, but they also have been too dressed up for work. This scenario has been shown in various ways on TV shows and movies. When a partner who is not usually paying attention to their appearance suddenly becomes conscious about their clothes, their smell, their hair…and then gets too busy at work that they practically start living “at work,” this could cause their partner to ask, “What’s really going on?”

When a person calls their partner, but the partner does not answer or is unreachable, which is unusual especially if the foremost mode for business is the partner’s phone…

Setting expectations and boundaries

No matter how far along you are in your relationship with your significant other, it is important that from the get-go, you have given each other your definition of cheating and what constitutes as one.

Unless you both only wanted a fling or play around, you must establish some ground rules when it comes to respecting both of your expectations and preferences in the relationship. If you are uncomfortable for them talking with their exes (or talking about them), tell them. If you know your partner is a talker and can establish rapport very easily and can talk about anything under the sun, you may want to tell them early on that you are uncomfortable if they talk about sex with other people, even in a joking way. And if any of you break one of these ground rules, you must decide if that gaffe is considered cheating.


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